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 PsyMinds saying hi :)

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PostSubject: PsyMinds saying hi :)   Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:39 pm

Hello everyone, im PsychedelicMinds (in-game LoL name)

Since im new here, and in general, new to clans and how they work in LoL, so i just wanted to pop by and say hi and post a funny video you can laugh at, since this IS the offtopic sub forum ;D

Edit: Found the topic regarding in-game usernames Wink I'll add ya Wink

Well, im online about everyday from 14:00-24:00 and longer, some days. Im always up for a game or a chat, so add me, and let's LoL together ;D (in-game name posted above^^)

Have a nice one Very Happy

Fortune doesn't favour fools - Miss Fortune, The Bounty Huntress
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PsyMinds saying hi :)
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