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 xMidnight's Application.

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PostSubject: xMidnight's Application.   Fri Dec 10, 2010 3:47 am

League of Legends Username:

14 years of age.
(yeah, yeah.)

(Am I even allowed to join a brotherhood?)

What time zone are you in:

Unfortunately didn't know this game existed while it was in beta, but I've been playing LoL since week 2.

Most Played Champions:

At the moment, Rammus, Nidalee, Shaco and sometimes Teemo, just to have fun.

Do you have a mic or headset with any type of voice communication (not required but a bonus)?
Yes, I have a low quality headset (It has terrible feedback) but I'm planning on getting a new one.

List any previous clans you were with before and please state the reason for leaving the clan:
I was involved in a multi-gaming clan called Team Paragon and left because of some personal issues with some members. Also in Team Vashen and DirtyKai's gaming community but they disbanded or were not active anymore.

What (do) you look for in a clan: (you should probably proofread your example format, guys.)
Nice friendly players, Some more competitive than others and people willing to teach and to learn. Theres nothing I hate more than cocky players who are bad. Even cocky players who aren't bad. Probably nothing too competitive because I dont really like the pressure.

How did you find out about the Brotherhood of Eradication?
I was having a look on the League of Legends forums ( Or the Leaguecraft ones, I dont remember.) Since I was a little annoyed at having to solo queue with people who don't even speak english.

What is it you feel that you will bring to the Brotherhood of Eradication?
I think I would bring a little bit of bubbly happiness and also can be quite stern when I want to be. I feel like I'm a person that can both be casual and competitive depending on my mood. I try to make people happy. :3

Thanks for reading my application~

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Murderer of Eradication
Murderer of Eradication

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PostSubject: Re: xMidnight's Application.   Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:35 am

If that's okay with our leaders, I wouldn't mind doing some games with ya, see how things goes and all. Add "Kynian" ingame and we can get started.
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xMidnight's Application.
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