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 looking for a partnerclan

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PostSubject: looking for a partnerclan   Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:54 pm

hi guys

Team BbH is looking for a partner clan.
Now you ask me "why"?

-were looking for people to grow our community
-at the moment we are around 30 member (germans only)
-it was my idea to find a partner clan because im intrested in clan intern tournaments
-its also great to have enough members for intern tranings because were trying to get better at ranked games
-most of us are already playing since league of legends has been released ( thats why were playing on US and not EU)
-we have an own homepage bbh-lol.enjin.com/ (its german ofcourse) and we have an own teamspeak 3 server
-also we thought it would be great to have a partner clan to get impressed of players we dont know (not many germans play on US)
-atm we have a squad system like "summoners rift squad 1" and so on. (cuz there are not enough german players to grow our clan i thought we coulda mix up players)

If you wanna add me
ing. name is "Chillerock" im Level 30 with around 860 wins and 710 looses

i think my english is good enough that u can understand me Razz
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looking for a partnerclan
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