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 Unarmed Tank Application

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Murderer of Eradication
Murderer of Eradication

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PostSubject: Unarmed Tank Application   Tue Oct 26, 2010 11:51 pm

League of Legends Username: Unarmed Tank

Age: 25

Gender: Male

What time zone are you in: Pacific

Experience: About 8 months of LoL experience and a Level 30 account. 300 matchs played with about just over half wins (170-150 I think). Though for a very long time, I was playing purely solo queue and hadn't found my calling yet. Since Sona, I have won about 95% of my games.

Most Played Champions:
Sona mostly, though will be making a smurf account to learn more characters.

Do you have a mic or headset with any type of voice communication (not required but a bonus)?
Not yet. Will in a couple weeks.

List any previous clans you were with before and please state the reason for leaving the clan: None for LoL

What you look for in a clan: Competent players that know that KDR's aren't necessarily what win games.

How did you find out about the Brotherhood of Eradication? Leaguecraft.com forum post.

What is it you feel that you will bring to the Brotherhood of Eradication? The anti-rager. I fight to the last without a complaint against my allies for any reason. I offer constructive criticism after the game, but never aggressively. I also bring the ultimate support as Sona, not only with her abilities, but also by using Clairvoyance and purchasing Wards as needed. I have even been known to purchase Starks Fervor to further increase my teams abilities, even though I didn't really gain anything from it.
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Listener of Eradication
Listener of Eradication

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PostSubject: Re: Unarmed Tank Application   Wed Oct 27, 2010 12:13 am

Thanks for applying man what we'd liek to do next is get in a few games with you to see ur playstyle live in game and get a real feel on how well u mesh in. Please give us the best times your available and we can schedule a few games. Thanks again for joining the brotherhood

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Unarmed Tank Application
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