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 Blaze860 Applicaiton

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PostSubject: Blaze860 Applicaiton    Thu Oct 28, 2010 1:03 pm

League of Legends Username: blaze860



What time zone are you in:Pacific

Experience:i have been playing for 5 months now almost everyday already lvl 30 with 3 rank wins an 0 loses

Most Played Champions:Annie, Kat, Teemo, Tank Garen, Tyrn, Gankplank, Twitch, Malz, And Ezreal

Do you have a mic or headset with any type of voice communication (not required but a bonus)? No i do not have any mic but i am very talkactice in game chats an i always call mia if i think someone is missing for a while

List any previous clans you were with before and please state the reason for leaving the clan: Never been in a clan because they always want a person that has vent

What you look for in a clan:i wanna play as a team have fun with out any arguements if im doing bad i dont want to be the person every1 complains if we lose. but i want to win thats my main goal

How did you find out about the Brotherhood of Eradication?i found brotherhood on the main website of LOL in the forums

What is it you feel that you will bring to the Brotherhood of Eradication?i will help my team/ clan to victory!!!
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Listener of Eradication
Listener of Eradication

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PostSubject: Re: Blaze860 Applicaiton    Thu Oct 28, 2010 2:29 pm

Thanks for applying man. The next thing we'd like to do is get in some games with you to see ur style of play. This sat me and deadpool should be on the whole day. If u can't get on then, please list the best times ur available and we can schedule something. Thanks again

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Blaze860 Applicaiton
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